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Our program offers the opportunity to benefit the profit-based companies, the academic sector and the reentry and financially challenged citizens of Philadelphia.


The Temple Innovation Hub and Lab will create a vehicle whereby new technologies can be created and developed in order to focus on creating jobs for the North Philadelphia residents who are reentry, underemployed, unskilled and under educated citizens.


Our team consists of experienced and professional members who will be able to provide personal support in all aspects of this program. In turn, our goal is to create successful and profitable companies who will cycle profits into the community and back into Temple University, in order to continue the cycle of academics, training, implementation and commercialization.


Over 240 Million Tires are disposed of, in the United States, on an annual basis. Many tires end up in landfills, and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which then spread disease.

The rest of the tires are recycled, by the chopping and grinding method, using environmentally hazardous and expensive liquid nitrogen to freezethe tires before processing them through the machines.


Green Recycling Solutions International (GRSI) owns the worldwide rights to a patented technology that uses compressed air to freeze tires, and a unique technology that also extracts the steel tread and fiber found inside the tires. This method is 100% environmentally safe and much less expensive than using liquid nitrogen.

This method also produces a fine grade of crumb rubber ( a traded commodity). The steel tread can also be recycled and re-sold.



The crumb rubber end-product can be used to produce a host of industrial and consumer products, such as, track and road surfaces, or any product that uses the injection mold manufacturing process. The possibilities are endless...trash cans, mud flaps, vehicle mats, etc.

The crumb rubber can also be sold on the commodities market.


Over 1 Billion tires end up in landfills on an annual basis. These discarded tires pose a significant health threat by attracting mosquitoes that can easily spread the Zika and West Nile viruses.


We’ve already witnessed the tragic results that occur when these viruses run rampant, and unchecked. It’s imperative that we harness environmentally friendly tire recycling technology to stem the spread of these diseases.



1: ACCESSIBILITY=CREDIBILITY!  Companies will be able to promote their technologies by touting their partnership with Temple University.


2: Access to discounted material fees through Temple.

3: Companies will be able to hire students who are already extremely familiar with the technology, since they have hands-on experience with the design and build-out phases.


4: Streamlined process that includes the support of Faculty, and GRSI, ultimately resulting in less expensive development and material costs.


The initial funds will purchase the essential lab equipment that will be necessary to fabricate various prototypes that will be submitted by approved companies. Also, a full-time (or 2 part-time) technical managers will be hired, as well.


Faculty from Temple University College of Engineering will oversee the engineering aspects of the work, evaluate the technical ability of the students who are involved in the project. Faculty will also help to facilitate the implementation of designs, that will become Senior Student Design Projects,


The users’ progress and qualifications will be evaluated on a quarterly basis, and students will obtain certificates after completing certain milestones.


Additionally, each company in the program will need to commit to hiring at least one student, once their technology becomes a proof of concept.

Also, students will be available to hire through the summer, instead of needing to find summer jobs outside of their field. By hiring students for summer work, the technology development can continue for 12 consecutive months.





GRSI has entered into a Strategic Parntership with Temple University Professors Kurosh Darvish from the College of Engineering and  Dr. Michael Jackson from Temple University's Fox School of Business, to create a PILOT Program called Philly Phirst. (trademarked name)

Under the auspices of the Program, Professor Darvish has chosen several students who are currently building the prototype of GRSI's tire recycling technology.

The project began in the Fall Semester of 2018 and the desk top prototype was completed in the Spring of 2019. ​GRSI chose Temple University, because of our Alumni status with Temple.


Temple also supports a diverse student body, and GRSI believes that growth is only possible when a broadly diverse culturally and intellectually talent pool is encouraged to flourish.

Upon completion, the Philly Phirst PILOT Program will also encompass the opportunity to create new jobs within the community, with particular focus upon hiring Reentry and Veteran Citizens from the Northern Corridor of Philadelphia.

We anticipate that 500 new full-time and part-time jobs will be created over 5 years.  Participating companies will be assessed a $20,000 enrollment fee, of which $5000 will go directly to an endowment for Temple University's College of Engineering.

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch


The Lab will be operational for the Fall Semester of 2021, however, both students and faculty are currently working on these projects out of the Temple University College of Engineering.


The Lab, PASCEP and JEVS programs will all be located in the same area of the building. The Hub will provide a career development component, stackable credits, credits for students and other certifications ( ie: OSHA and Safety Certifications)which will provide a career pathway for the most challenged Philadelphians. Professor Kurosh Darvish, Professor Michael Jackson (and other faculty members) will oversee all aspects of the Lab.​

In this Lab, various inventions/technologies will be designed and/or perfected by Temple University junior and senior engineering students.  The Lab will be fully equipped to function as a hands-on design facility.

This engineering program will be a 2 year, fully credited project that takes the proposed technology from seed prototype to proof of concept, when it can then be commercialized. JEVS Human Services will provide career development courses for Reentry Citizens, who will then be eligible hired by those companies who successfully develop and market their technologies. Jeffrey Abramowitz will spearhead this aspect of the program.​​​

The development of these technologies is a "Tail That Wags the Dogs" process, meaning that job creation is only possible if these technologies can funnel new jobs into the workforce system.

tech hub.jpg


The goal of the Hub is to develop many many manufacturing-based technologies in order to bring those inventions into the global marketplace.

The Temple Innovation Hub will be able to attract various companies, entrepreneurs and technology designers by offering the talents the students and professors at Temple University to assist companies with their design and engineering needs. Companies will be approved for this program and GRSI will work together with them to assist them with training and hiring employees, connecting them with outside vendors and financing options in order to market their technologies.

These companies will be bound by a minimum of 20 yrs agreement to base their operations in Philadelphia, and to focus hiring policies to employ the poverty stricken Northern Corridor of the city. The location of the Hub will be in Philadelphia with the goal of providing a vibrant, shared environment, of concept development, academics, training, and job creation.

GRSI is currently vying for a warehouse space that will house the technology companies, a Temple University PASCEP learning center, a JEVS Human Services job creation division and a Temple University College of Engineering Lab.



Ulicia Lawrence-Oladeinde, Director

GRSI will be offering a course at the Temple University PASCEP location, called Reentry and Entrepreneurship.

The course is open to all, and will focus on the "mindset" and organizational skills for entrepreneurs.

engineering design process.png


Professor Kurosh Darvish

Dr. Darvish is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Ph.D. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Biomechanics, 2000

  • M.S. Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics, 1994

  • B.S. Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Mechanical Engineering, 1991

  • Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Temple University, 2011 - present

  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Temple University, 2005 - 2011

  • Research Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia, 2000 - 2005

  • Research Associate, Computational Biomechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering , University of Virginia, 2000

  • Graduate Research Assistant, Brain Biomechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering , University of Virginia, 1996 – 1999


Dr. Michael W. Jackson

Professor Emeritus Temple University Fox School of Business, Kinesiology, and Hospitality

Dr. Michael W. Jackson is a professor in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, specializing in Sports Administration. He received his terminal degree from Indiana University in Health and Safety where he also had a strong concentration in Administration and Television Production. Dr. Jackson has a very extensive academic, administrative and athletic background as a participant, teacher, coach and administrator at various levels. His primary responsibility at Temple University has been to develop, direct and to stabilize the graduate Sport / Recreation Administration Program. This program has seen tremendous growth and recognition primarily through the establishment of internship sites and relationships which have led to job opportunities with colleges, corporations, professional franchises, high schools, fitness / training centers, entertainment parks, athletic and sport facilities.

Dr. Jackson is actively involved in student recruitment, course development, and advisement of theses / projects and dissertations. In addition to his work with the sport / recreation administration program, he is frequently called upon to consult or speak upon various subjects such as: selling / promotions / fund raising in sports administration, athletics and physical education, design and operation of physical education and athletic facilities, selection of agents by student-athletes, drug problems in sports, career opportunities in sport/recreation administration, recruitment of both able and disabled graduate students, and conditioning and training techniques for high performance athletes and sports participants. During 1996 and 1997 he was selected to serve as a member of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's Sports and Exposition Facilities Task Force.


Affiliation With JEVS Human Services

On October 25, 2018, GRSI , JEVS Human Resources, and Temple University, agreed to collaborate in providing coordinated reentry related workforce development and support services for the Philadelphia region.

Jeffrey Abramowitz is the Executive Director of Reentry for JEVS Human Resources.


GRSI currently serves on the JEVS/TEMPLE Advisory Board that meets quarterly to provide recommendations for continuous improvements for the program.

wate management.jpg

Leo Lomangino-Industrial Consultant

Leo Lomangino is our Industrial Consultant for technology development. He has been a leader in the recycling industry for over 40 years and is a 3rd generation recycler.

He has built 3 recycling plants over his career.

His family sold their first recycling business  to Waste Management Inc., in the largest acquisition by Waste Management in history.

He is currently the sitting Chairman for the Monmouth County Solid Waste Committee. He's also a frequent guest speaker at the National Reycling Convention.

He also designed and built a 10,000 square foot fully robotic ice house called Ice King.

He designed and built a 100 in-bay car wash called "Splish Splash" in Tinton Falls, NJ.



danilo burgos.jpg

Pennsylvania State Representative Danilo Burgos who serves the 197th District with over 64,000 constituents.


Nam Knights Veterans Motorcycle Club South Jersey Chapter



Meet the Team

Barbara Acuff, C.F.O

Ms. Acuff has been in the financial lending arena for more than 20 years, as both a direct lender and as a licensed broker.

She formerly headed up the Alternative Lending Division in the Northeast for Prosperity Mortgage, a joint venture between Wells Fargo and Long & Foster Realtors.

She was previously the Director of Business Lending for a billion dollar private lending firm.

She wrote a monthly column for "The Niche Gold Letter" called "The Commercial Corner" which was read by over 5,000 subscribers.

Ms. Acuff is a managing partner in GRSI.

Vincent Gori, President 

Mr. Gori is a Reentry Citizen, who has become a technology and real estate entrepreneur, after serving 10 years in a Federal Penitentiary. One of his development projects was one of the first to be approved by Governor Cuomo's Start Up New York Program.

Mr. Gori developed the GRSI Philly Phirst PILOT Program with Temple University, after discovering that there were limited resources available to Reentry Citizens who had entrepreneurial interests.

He currently manages all marketing and public relations for GRSI, as well as the day to day project management.

He is an advocate for Prison Reform, and intends to support Reentry Citizens and Veterans through the PILOT Program. Mr. Gori also served in the United States Marine Corp, and is a proud Veteran.

Anthony Mazzone, President Business Development

Mr. Mazzone has been an Executive Sales Manager and owner in the auto industry for more than 20 years. His extensive experience in both B to B, and consumer sales, allows him to navigate both both public and private sector business negotiations. Mr. Mazzone works closely with GRSI's business partners, and cultivates new and emerging technology companies, to integrate with the PILOT Program.




Tel: 1-267-622-7643





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